Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mango Falooda Ice -cream

Mango Falooda Ice-Cream
It’s a simple and easy ice-cream recipe mentioned to me from my dearest friend nitu, I added noodles to it and made it falooda ice cream. I and my husband enjoyed it a lot and I wish to share this with all mango ice-cream lovers.

Mango pulp ( I used one can of kesari mango pulp- you can easily find this in ASDA and TESCO)
805 g
Condense Milk
405 g
Birds Dream topping (you can find this in ASDA in home baking section)
450 g ( I packet is 36 g I used 3 packets)(two and half for ice-cream and remaining for falooda)
Noodles (boiled and drained)
1 packet
Cold Milk
Half cup
Chopped mango chucks
1 can ( drain the syrup)
Take the Bird’s dream topping sachet and make a whip cream as mentioned on the back side of the packet.
Take a big bowl and add mango pulp (when adding retain 4 tsp for falooda), condense milk (400 g) and dream toppings and whisk for approximately for two minutes.
 Now in a separate box pour the above mixture slowly and add the mango chucks and again add the mixture and freeze it.

Now for falooda noodles- take a bowl add cold milk, remaining condense milk and remaining falooda.
Add 5 tsp of mango pulp and mix well. Now you can add noodles and store in fridge.

When serving place noodles then the scoop of mango ice-cream then again some noodles.

Your mango faluda ice-cream is ready … enjoy with friends and family. 

Serves: 10-12

Tip: You can also add chopped pistachio (half cup) while adding mango chucks.

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